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In a typical classroom environment,  teachers have to attend to many students,  making it impossible to give them personalized attention. To  fully absorb the information and understand the concepts being taught, students will need additional out-of-class  tutoring. TutoringOhio.com identifies qualified tutors in Ohio, vets them, and pairs them with Ohio families seeking tutoring services. TutoringOhio.com handles Ohio tutoring needs.

Background on TutoringOhio.com

TutoringOhio.com is a private, one-on-one, in-home Ohio tutoring service provider. Our founder’s philosophy is to “enhance a student’s interest in learning as a spark for their desire to be lifelong learners.” Key to supporting this philosophy is Ohio tutoring. Our belief is that private, one-on-one tutoring model has the potential to help strengthen a student’s educational needs. It’s here that a student can fully immerse without being distracted by others in the same room. 

Why Your Child May Need Tutoring Ohio Services

On their own, children will not know if they need additional tutoring or not. This is a parents’ role. Parents need to actively work to identify their children’s performance to identify weaknesses that may necessitate getting the services of an Ohio tutor. Your child will need an Ohio tutoring service if they exhibit any of these traits:

Slipping grades

This is often the main reason why parents seek tutoring services. Your children’s grades keep slipping and everything you are doing is not helping. In this case a skilled tutor will first identify what could be the underlying reason.

Time management

Students who just can’t manage time well either at home or school may benefit from being taught this skill from a skilled tutor. 


Lack of focus could be the biggest impediment to the student’s performance. They may have potential in an area, but if they cannot focus correctly, they end up distracted from the main goals.


Low self-confidence is debilitating. Low self-esteem can be demoralizing even to an avid learner. If this is an issue that doesn’t seem to be going away, a skilled tutor may help put your child on the right track.


When parents are working longer hours and arrive home in the evening beat, they could benefit from an hour or two of a tutor. With the tutor present, the work the parents would have ended up doing will be catered for. This relieves the parents while knowing fully well that the educational interests of the children are up-held. 

Learning disabilities

Children who have been diagnosed with vision impairment, hearing difficulty, ADHD, dyslexia, among other will benefit from personalized tutoring services. This is because these children often have to work slightly harder than their counterparts to keep on the same page. 

Why TutoringOhio.com

TutoringOhio.com links Ohio tutors to Ohio families seeking tutoring services. TutoringOhio.com takes the needs of both tutors and families into consideration in crafting an outstanding service. We strive to meet the needs of families in a cost-effective manner while taking the interests of tutors in consideration as well. Where we have more than one tutor options for a family, we provide them all alternatives for them to make the choice.

Is TutoringOhio.com The Right Fit? 

Hiring a private in-home tutor is the best decision you could ever do for your child. You can get a private tutor entirely on your own or have the choice of doing it through TutoringOhio.com. So why would you want to use our services? We vet tutors on our platform to offer you the best. We develop an individualized plan customized based on your child’s unique tutoring needs. We guide our tutors with a standardized tutoring plan to deliver the most out of these tutoring sessions.

Service cost 

We understand that cost is a very sensitive issue both to families and tutors. In an effort to let motivate tutors to offer the best service, TutoringOhio.com has allowed them to set their own tutoring rates. Where two or more tutors can serve a family, the family will be given options to choose from.

Areas Served By TutoringOhio.com

TutoringOhio.com serves the whole of Ohio. Find out here

Connecting Ohio Tutors to Ohio Tutoring Jobs

Connecting Ohio Tutors to Ohio tutoring

TutoringOhio.com is the premier site connecting Ohio tutors to Ohio families seeking tutoring services. We work with both qualified tutors in Ohio searching for tutoring jobs and families in need of tutoring services. We work with both tutors and families to reach mutually agreeable terms for the benefit of all.

Find An Ohio Tutor For Your Child!

Tutors are teachers that students and learners need to acquire more information on specific skills in a particular subject area. They are professionals considered experts knowledgeable in specific fields of interest to learners.

Generally, students who show weaknesses  in a particular subject require one-on-one training in that subject with a professional.  This is where one-on-one tutoring comes in. Students requiring these services have the option of getting them at school, but may also get them privately at home.  Whereas for in-home one-on-one tutoring, parents can find tutors on the internet, it’s in their best interest to do so through a reputable organization whose main business is to identify these resources on behalf of parents. TutoringOhio.com is one such resource, providing comprehensive tutor placement services in Ohio. 

One-on-one tutoring can be accomplished in-person or online.  Traditionally, tutoring has been carried out on a one-on-one in-person basis  where the tutor meets the student at the student’s home or alternatively in a secluded area in a public library. The internet has made it possible for the one-on-one sessions to also occur remotely, removing the need for the tutor to meet the student in person. This mode of tutoring has its advantages and it’s time if definitely here, but has lost some advantages of in-person tutoring such as stronger connection between tutor and learner, focus, and less reliance on technology, among others. TutoringOhio.com lays emphasis on individualized in-home tutoring as the best mode, especially for locally based tutors and learners.

As a parent you’re always looking out for the best interest of your child.  You want them to develop into the best possible individuals going on to become professionals in whatever they do. If you find that your child is struggling in a given subject area,  the natural thing to do is seek additional tutoring. Hiring a tutor to help with your child’s need for extra help in English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Languages, and other subject areas can provide a great solution to the problems they’re facing in the classroom.  Difficulty with these subjects is a widespread problem, particularly with the strong emphasis on testing students in all grades nowadays. Seasoned tutors know about this problem and will work using a personalized instructional plan to help students navigate these requirements. 

If you are thinking of acquiring the services of a private tutor in Ohio, you may be struggling with the question,  how do I go about doing it? The options out there may be overwhelming, especially if you are new to this. You may struggle with questions such as which tutors are reputable,  which which ones will offer the best bang for your buck? among others. If you’re struggling with some of these questions, this should not dissuade you from getting a tutor. As many have alluded to obtaining a private tutor has benefits above and beyond and the cost constraints involved.  Honestly speaking, for the value, the cost of obtaining such services is not as expensive as you might think. Tutoring is charged on a per hour basis rather than a flat fee. At TutoringOhio.com, we vet tutors we work with and simply offer you several options to choose from. 

TutoringOhio.com specializes in identifying qualified local tutors so as to pair them up with families in need over there services.  We work with tutors in Columbus Ohio and surrounding areas.. We have worked skillfully to identify tutors in Columbus Ohio able to serve your needs. We also  work identify professionals specializing in math, English, language history, science, music, special needs, and test preparation, seeking tutoring jobs and ready to be of service to you. Looking for a tutor in Ohio? Use the contact form above to tell us more about your needs, and a TutoringOhio.com specialist will be in touch with you.

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